• Institutional sector

    Furniture tailored to the institutional sector

  • Bars and restaurants

    Wall panels, ceiling, columns, walls, furniture and countertops

  • Transport and installations

What we do?

Ébénisterie HOM offers a full range of services and products which meet our most demanding clients requirements.

Regardless of size, our experienced specialists will produce the quality demanded as outlined on our shop drawings. Our cost management experience can also direct you budgetary needs.

Why Choose us?

  • Customer client approach.
  • Being organized and Detail-Oriented
  • Always on time and budget
  • Providing outstanding quality
  • Always staying behind our products

core services

Commercial sector

All types of millwork for the retail and commercial sectors.

Residential and private sector

Standard and custom kitchen and bathroom furniture.

Bars, restaurants and other

All types of millwork for the bar and restaurants sectors

Institutional sector, cinemas and theaters

Furniture tailored for cinemas and theaters, including institutional, medical and hotel sector.

CNC cutting services

Wide range of CNC cutting services available

√Čb√©nisterie H.O.M. offers CNC cutting services within Montreal, Quebec City and the surrounding areas, with a machine CNC Biesse 1536 large format, we are working on many projects and contracts with various customers, including general contractors.

Our customers are sign companies, woodworking, manufacturing kitchen cupboard, artists, Industrial engineering, architect, renovation, designers and more. With our experience in programming and cutting, we are specialized in the cutting of cabinets and furniture, kitchen cabinet doors in melamine, MDF, plywood and displays, counter tops, wall panels, seats, framing doors, wooden massive, We always use the best quality CNC tooling to provide perfect and clean corners for all materials .

In addition, we have industrial designers and graphic designers on our team that can help develop concepts and draw directly from your ideas.
We are very passionate about what we do and it is our pleasure to share our passion with you.

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Edgebander | tempora F600 60.06L

Productivity and flexibility

Processing edges needs to be as quick, easy and efficient as possible. To achieve this, the tempora models combine the core skills of speed, productivity, flexibility and ease of use in a convincing complete package. The final finishing results when processing both coiled and strip material convince with incredibly high standards, that fulfil the ever increasing demands of edgebanding complete processing.

Modern and optimised edge processing aggregates and a flexible machine body guarantees absolute stability and reliability even at the highest of processing speeds.


We have a technical team with many years of experience with high-level professional, engineers, designers and woodworkers. Equipped with a full range of machinery to digital controls very successful with all the expertise necessary to satisfy our customers.

We have been able to adapt to market requirements, the work of wood combined with metal gives a very wide variety of products such as, furniture, counters, display and development of special projects in the hospitality industry, commercial, educational and private .

We take into account your overall situation and help you determine your final goals. We then create a design plan that helps you visualize your projects and to help you make the right decision.

To get projects on time and within budget to the highest level of quality, our team is highly motivated and passionate about the work they do.

Exceptional quality

Ébénisterie H.O.M. is proud to offer the best quality for all our products.
We will not compromise on the quality of our services and products, and we will deliver you more than what you expect.

Design and manufacture

We have a fully integrated engineering and design team (professional 3D designer) who pool their skills to produce high quality products in compliance with the functional requirements, aesthetic, technical and regulatory specifications for your projects and we are always ready to meet new challenges.

The quality of our designs is recognized by general contractors, architects, and they can equally be used for the presentation, approval or manufacturing.

We use the power of parametric 3D software for our work, as well, allowing us to properly calculate the mandate and confirm your needs and expectations with a detailed estimate, materials to be used and the timeframe.

Transport and installations

Our company delivers the goods to the location you specify in perfect conditions.
All is prepared by our specialized teams in the assembly and installation of furniture.